The men who organized the business of dealing in drugs like heroin, have total control of Odense.

Moosmands palads



The Mayor's office helps heroin dealers with miscellaneous

criminal offences :


Stealing apartments

Tax fraud

 Conceal the identity of individuals






The police helps heroin dealers with miscellaneous

criminal offences :


Burglaries in apartments


Renting out of other people`s property without permission


The heroine garden





J.M. starts his drug dealing operation on Rodegaardsvej
Heroin, Cannabis, illegal tavern

1990: Café Vestergade - Cannabis

1995: Sale stopped by Bikers


The Supreme Court of Denmark sentence J.M., now the friend of the Mayor.

The righthand man of J.M. steals all money from the housing cooperative on Rodegaardsvej. (protected by the police)


The bank of the housing cooperative (SYDBANK), helps the heroindealers through moneylaundring, at the instigation of J.M.


The man who run the show of heroin in Odense 1989 - 1995 J.M., start his business of renting out appartments he does not own. The police take care of complaints by the owner of the appartment.


The mayor's office, now steps in and conceal the identity of individuals in the appartments J.M. is renting out. People who want to hide from the danish Population Register, an ISIS warrior or somebody else.


The mayor's office steals (expropriation)a part of an appartment, and give it to the right-hand man of J.M. .


The heroin king is re-elected as mayor of Odense after the local elections












Breve til Odense Kommune :

23. september